The Crazy Color Australia Range Gallery

Crazy Color® offer a range of Semi-Permanent, Temporary and After Care products for Crazy Color hair dye in Australia. There are extensive colors and variations within each of those categories.




Available in the iconic pink bottles, and now, the new POWER pure pigment range (formerly known as HYPE).
HYPE represents a breakthrough color innovation. Create instant color deposits, simply choose your base, drop and apply. These drops allow you to fully customize your hair color, use fewer drops for pastel shades or mix multiple drops to create a brand new tone.

Crazy Color Power colours: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red and Purple

Crazy Color Power formerly Hype

The Classic Crazy Color® Semi-Permanent range comes in a wide variety of colors including Metallics and Neons.

Crazy Color Australia Metallic
Crazy Color® Metallic colors

Crazy Color Australia Neon
Crazy Color® Neon colors

Crazy Color Australia
Complete Crazy Color® Semi-Permanent Range

Crazy Color Range: Toxic UV, Rebel UV, Caution UV, Anarchy UV, Ice Mauve, Natural Black, Slate, Sapphire, Rose Gold, Peachy Coral, Peppermint, Graphite, Blue Jade, Ruby Rouge, Marshmallow, Bubblegum Blue, Candy Floss, Neutral, Platinum, Silver, Coral Red, Canary Yellow, Bourdeaux, Emeral Green, Lilac, Burgundy, Hot Purple, Pine Green, Peacock Blue, Aubergine, Sky Blue, Cyclamen, Violette, Capri Blue, Pinkissimo, Fire, and Vermillion Red.

Both the Classic and the POWER ranges are available to retailers, suppliers and wholesalers direct from the Australian Distributor Aii.
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Primarily for blonde hair or hair that has been lightened in preparation, Crazy Color® ready-to-use spray gives an instant burst of pastel color that can be washed out.  Crazy Color® Sprays are ammonia and peroxide free and gentle on the hair. The color lasts for around three washes.

Available in Pastel Spray Peachy Coral, Lavender, Bubble Gum, Marshmallow and Graphite.

Crazy Color temporary pastel spray
Crazy Color® Pastel Sprays are available to all retailers, suppliers and wholesalers direct from the approved Crazy Color® UK distributor Aii.
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A range of shampoos, conditioners and haircare products especially formulated for use on bleached or colored hair and specifically created for use with Crazy Color® products.  Aii will be happy to discuss which products are best suited for your customers.

Crazy Color Vibrant Purple Shampoo, Red Shampoo, Rainbow Conditioner, Pink Shampoo, Blue Shampoo and Hold Up Color Extending Shampoo.

Crazy Color® haircare products


Locks color in place for an extra 10 washes!
Applied after any salon colour service, this spray prevents bleeding, prolongs fading and enhances shine. After the color service, simply rinse with cool water, apply Anti Bleed Spray to wet hair, let it sit for 1 minute and then rinse without any colour bleeding!

No salt or sulphates, cruelty free and vegan




With ice white blondes, sliver greys and bleached hair becoming one of the most popular trends this year, Crazy Color® is delighted to announce the launch of their new intense, 100% sulfate free treatment shampoo – Crazy Color® Ultraviolet No Yellow Shampoo – specifically formulated for grey, blonde or super lightened hair. 

The ultraviolet pigment tones down unwanted yellow and brassy hues to keep blonde and grey hair in perfect condition and is just the right partner to create a clean blonde base for on-trend vivid color application. The new Crazy Color® Ultraviolet No Yellow Shampoo can also be used as a gentle alternative to a toner after the bleaching process.

 Apply directly to wet hair, massage well and leave for 1-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Follow with Crazy Color® Rainbow Care Conditioner.



Crazy Color Bleaching Kit

Crazy Color® Bleaching Kit is used to pre-lighten hair before using Crazy Color® products. This treatment maximises the effectiveness of the color that is added to your client's hair.  Includes everything needed to get hair ready for color and comes with a full set of instructions.


Disposable gloves
Mixing bowl
Tint brush
2 x Bleach sachets
30 volume cream peroxide, 100ml
Instruction leaflet

Crazy Color® Bleaching kit recommended for semi-permanent shades and sprays.

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The Crazy Color® Australia colors


Red Colour Range

  • Vermillion Red

    Vermillion Red

  • Fire


  • Aubergine


  • Pinkissimo


  • Bordeaux


  • Coral Red

    Coral Red

  • Marshmallow


  • Candy Floss

    Candy Floss

  • Peachy Coral

    Peachy Coral

  • Ruby Rouge

    Ruby Rouge

Blue Colour Range

  • Peacock Blue

    Peacock Blue

  • Capri Blue

    Capri Blue

  • Lilac


  • Hot Purple

    Hot Purple

  • Lavender


  • Bubblegum Blue

    Bubblegum Blue

  • Blue Jade

    Blue Jade

  • Ice Mauve

    Ice Mauve

  • Sapphire


Green Colour Range

  • Pine Green

    Pine Green

  • Emerald Green

    Emerald Green

  • Lime Twist

    Lime Twist

  • Toxic UV

    Toxic UV

Yellow Colour Range

  • Canary Yellow

    Canary Yellow

  • Orange


  • Rose Gold

    Rose Gold

  • Caution UV

    Caution UV

  • Anarchy UV

    Anarchy UV

Neutral Colour Range

  • Platinum


  • Silver


  • Black


  • Neutral


  • Natural Black

    Natural Black